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We migrate your old DOS based application to Windows. We write new codes same as your old DOS application but with a new WINDOWS based user interface.


We follow your old validation rules and logic while migrating. We can migrate to both Desktop and Web based application.

Learn something about us.

Lath Services (P) Limited is based in India, duly incorporated under Indian Corporate Laws. We are member of Software Techonology Park of India, a Government Sponsored Agency. We are in this field since last 15 year. Migrating old and legacy application and database is our speciality. We can also develop new application from scratch. More

1. Migration of Application & Database

We migrate your old application including FoxBase / FoxPro Application & Database to Windows. We provide path for both Desktop and Web Based application.

2. Develop Application & Database

We develop NEW Application & Database according to your specific need. We develop both Desktop and Web based Application.

Few Words about us

Lath Services (P) Limited is incorporated in India. It is a proud member of Software Techonology Park of India, a Government Sponsored Agencey to promote Export of Software. It is in business since 1991. We develop custom desktop and web based application. Developing accounting and migration of old DOS based Application and Database to Windows format is our speciality.

We have highly qualified developers. We can handle multi language Applications. We can develop application on your system as well. We have development facilities in Three Locations. We give utmost importance to confidentiality and privacy of our clients codes, database and business rules.

How can we help you?

DOS was discarded way back in 1995. Using DOS based application (which is character based) is like using software of primitive age. Your employees can not use these application effectively resulting in lack of motivation. Further, the old application can not use present day mouse, printers and other devices.

We can help you by migrating your application to Windows. While we migrate, we keep your old validation and time tested business rules. We can even keep your old database. The migrated application is fully compliant from Windows Xp to Windows 7. With an updated user interface, your peopole can use the application more effectively. You can have reports which are well laid down.

There is no automatic route for such migration. Our develpoer go through your codes and write new codes fully compliant with Windows.

Our Process

Unfortunately, there is no automatic route to process your application. Our porcess includes:

  • Separate your business rules including validation, reports and other special requirements.
  • Determine if migration of datapath will be useful.
  • Approval of Client for application and database migration path
  • Actual coding process
  • Testing of application by client and our team

What We Give You?

We provide you guarnteed solution for migration to Windows platform from DOS based application. Our deliverable includes:

  • Full Source Code to the migrated application.
  • Three months of free support
  • Future changes and enhancement at highly competitive pricing.
  • Payment is settled only after your full satisfaction. Normally, we take 30% on signup, 50% on delivery and balance after your complete satisfaction.

What kind of services do we offer?

We migrate your old DOS based application written in FoxBase, FoxPro, Clipper, dBase to Windows. We can also develop new application in Windows. We do both Desktop based application as well as Web Based Application. We provide a variety of migration path on both the direction. We also provide you migration path for your database.

We develop application in MS Visual Studio 2005-2008 (we are registered partner of Microsoft). We work in Borland Delphi as well. For database we provide you upgradation path to MS SQL Server, MySql Server, Vista db etc. We develop in a variety of language such as C#, VB .net, VB, Delphi, ASP .Net (C#, VB), Java, J2EE (for mobile development). We also work on XML.

What can we do for you?

We provide you guarnteed solution for migration to Windows platform from DOS based application. We need the following information from you for making a complete proposal:

  • Your existing application with test data. (Upload here)
  • The Kind of database you want to use
  • The user interface language in your current application
  • Sample Source Code (*.Prg) Files. We will need complete source code on actual conversion.

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Where can you find us?

Lath Services (P) Limited


Rourkela, Orissa, India


+91 661 2504444

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